Scotty Pennington



Fishers of Men National Tournament Trail

2/19/11    4th Place

3/19/11    4th Place and Big Bass

4/30/11    1st Place

5/21/11    1st Place and Big Bass

6/4/11      4th Place and Big Bass   (Captured Angler of the Year and automatic entry into the National Championship)



Fishers of Men National Tournament Trail

2/20/10    8th Place

3/20/10    9th Place

4/17/10    16th Place

5/15/10    12th Place



Fishers of Men National Tournament Trail

2/7/09      26th Place

3/21/09    21st Place

4/18/09    24th Place

5/23/09    4th Place



Ranked 25th in the Central Division World Rankings B.A.S.S

4/26/08 B.A.S.S Central Open, Red River, Shreveport, La

23rd Place 33.3lbs $1848.00

9/27/08 B.A.S.S Central Open, Kentucky Lake, Paris, Tn

25th Place 29.5lbs $1461.00

11/01/08 B.A.S.S Central Open, Lake Texoma, Denison, Tx

98th Place


Fishers of Men National Tournament Trail

2/26/08    5th Place 

3/22/08   10th Place

4/19/08   12th Place

5/17/08    13th Place

6/21/08    12th Place

F.L.W The Bass Federation, Arkansas State Championship, Arkansas River, 3/14/08

19th Place



FLW Central Divisional, June 10-16, 2007- 3th place team, 79th place individual

  Seark Rodbenders Club Tournament, June 9, 2007 6th place

  Flw TBF State Tournament, March 16-18, 2007- 5th place



Crossett Bass Club, February 17, 2007 -4th place

Crossett Bass Club, October 14, 2006- 6th Place

 B.A.S.S Series, September 24, 2006- 30th Place

 Crossett Bass Club, September 9, 2006- 4th Place